Do you wish your child would listen more?

Do you want your child to be safer?

This is the program for you! We love teaching our younger students and working with them on listening skills. Our Tamashii Tigers learn authentic karate techniques and self defense just the same as the older students. We also work from the Child Abduction Prevention Program (C.A.P.P.) so the kids are learning to be aware, they learn their address, phone number, how to dial 911 and much more. All of our lessons are surrounded in fun and high energy activities, keeping the children energized and learning the whole time!

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Does your child know your first name? It seems crazy but often when we ask a new student “What is Mommy’s name?” they say “Mommy”! Making sure they know your name is very important, if they are separated from you they not only need to know your name but also how to describe you. It’s a fun game to practice at home!

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