What is a stranger?

  Talk about how anyone you don’t know is a “stranger” that there are more good   than bad strangers, but since you can’t tell one from the other you shouldn’t talk   to any of them.

The Answering the Door Drill

  Decide on your family’s plan of action if your child is to be home alone and   someone comes to the door. Practice with your child

Dial 911 and Your Own Telephone Number

  Practice dialing the numbers from all the different styles of phone in your house

The Stand Up, Back Up and Run to… Drill & The Arms Reach Drill

  Practice with your child different scenarios of people approaching them.

  Remember people who abduct children evolve their ruses so get creative, and   make sure your child knows where and who to run to.

The Grab and Drag Drill or the Cat Drill

  Pick up your child and have them wiggle as hard as they can to get you to put   them down. Remember that the more you practice, the better prepared your   kids will be. Just like a fire drill or tornado drill. Training helps response.

The Telephone Answering Drill

  Role play with your child, try to get them to admit that they are home alone

The Approaching Stranger Drill

  Use props when you work with your child, remember puppies and candy are   hard to resist. The child should do the Stand Up, Back Up and Run to… drill

The Car Drill

  Use your vehicle as the prop – sit in it (don’t drive it, as there is the possibility of   an accident) try to get your child to approach.