Kyoshi Linda Hanson 7th Dan

Linda is from England, and started her Martial Arts career at the age of 14, in 1978. She received her Black Belt certification through the Japanese Karate Association under the instruction of Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda in 1982 through the J.K.A and and was also recognized by the S.E.K.U. (South of England Karate Union)

She relocated to the United States of America in 1984 after earning a two year college degree through the N.N.E.B. (National Nursery Examination Board) as a nanny. Once here she continued to train in the Martial Arts.

Linda has competed successfully in martial arts tournaments regionally, nationally and internationally, including the British All Styles, Pan American Martial Arts Games and European Championships.

In 1995 she moved to Missouri and started to teach Karate for the YMCA of Kansas City. She taught 4 karate programs for the YMCA in Independence, Raytown, Platte City and Parkville. Due to the success of the YMCA programs and the encouragement of Hanshi Bryan Linda decided to open her own dojo. It is called Tamashii Black Belt Academy for 2 reasons

  1. Tamashii means indomitable spirit, Hanshi Bryan used the word Tamashii often to describe Linda!

  2. The American Black Belt academy was the name of Hanshi Bryan’s school organization.

Linda has worked and trained with some of the best Martial Artists in the world: Sensei Enoeda, Hanshi Terry Bryan, Sensei Tomita, Sensei Kawasoe, and many more.

Linda's unique combination of martial arts training and a degree in Child Care has proven perfect for teaching martial arts to children of all ages in the After School Karate Program, Little Tigers, Tamashii Tigers and in the evening program. 

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Linda Hanson

Owner of Tamashii Black Belt Academy

Hanshi Terry Bryan

The American Black Belt Association was formed in the mid 1970's by Hanshi Terry Bryan to provide a place for people to train and grow without the politics associated with many other organizations. The rules are simple - come, train and learn.

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Hanshi Terry Bryan

Founder American Black Belt Association

Having taught the martial arts since 1970, Hanshi Bryan accepted the position as head karate coach at the Air Force Academy in 1983. Under his direction, the Air Force team was undefeated against Army and Navy and many of the cadets earned national ranking during his tenure. A strong desire to work with young people led Hanshi Bryan to establish a national headquarters for his organization in Colorado Springs. Hanshi Bryan opened his American Black Belt Academy in 1990. Teaching classical Okinanwan and Chinese martial arts, Hanshi Bryan created one of the most recognized organizations in the country and with his years at the Air Force Academy, his former students are now teaching in over 100 countries. Sadly he died in 2012 but his legacy lives on in Tamashii Black Belt Academy where his philosophy is honored daily - "Changing America One Black Belt at a Time!"